Important Things You Should Know When Using a Space Heater

During the coldest months, life can sometimes become uncomfortable. This is because of the low temperatures that can sometimes drop to below zero degrees. It can be so cold that life can also become uncomfortable for everyone in your home. However, it does not have to be like that because you can get yourself a space heater to keep your house warm. They are very efficient in keeping homes warm during cold seasons. However, just like any other home appliances, it is very important that you use your space heater in the correct way. Here are important things that you need to know when using your space heater.

Safety First

Safety heaters usually produce heat that helps to keep homes warm. It is therefore important that you ensure that you use it safely. According to statistics, space heaters usually account for 30% of all home fires. To keep yourself safe from fire outbreak, ensure that you have your smoke detectors in place whenever you are using your space heaters. You should also avoid leaving your space heaters unattended. Whenever you are leaving your room, always switch off your space heater. Whenever you are sleeping, ensure that your space heater is switched off. Pets and children should also not be allowed next to space heaters. You should also make sure that your space heater comes with some safety features like touch sensors and overheat sensors.

Check the Cords

If you are using an electric space heater, then you will need to make sure that you check the cords and the plug. This is to protect yourself or anybody in your house from electric shocks. Damaged or exposed cords and plugs can put you at risk of getting shocked. Loose plugs are also a fire hazard.

Plug Directly

If you are using an electric space heater, then you should always plug it directly into an outlet. You should never attempt to plug it into an extension. Space heaters draw a lot of currents. This can make your extension to overheat and melt leading to fire.

Keep a Distance

Whenever your space heater is on, you should always ensure that you have put it at a safe distance away from any material that can burn. This is to prevent any fire outbreak. If you put it close to things that can burn, the heat it produces might lead to fire when it comes into contact with any flammable object.